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The oyster mushrooms captured my imagination because of their bizarre shapes, alien textures and intricate detail. To create the best images, my preference is the brown and pink color varieties of the oyster mushroom; however, with creativity I am able to capture unique images with blue and grey color varieties. I source the fresh mushrooms at my local farmer's market. I am always on the lookout for other wild mushroom varieties to use in the creation of my artwork.

To compose the image, I experiment with the position of the mushroom cluster. This leads to the opportunity of multiple unique images from the same cluster. The subject is best presented against a rich black background. Prior to clicking the shutter, I pay careful attention to the focus, the quality of lighting and anticipate printing the image in the darkroom. To round out my artistic expression, I use my darkroom skills (i.e., filters, dodging, burning, etc.) to create depth and warmth in the subject. I present the image in a square format as this allows the mushroom cluster to monopolize the space. Since my film camera produces a rectangle negative, I keep this in mind when shooting the image to allow for ease of cropping during printing.

Rather than titling each image, I number the images sequentially to allow the viewer to form their own interpretation.

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